Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 (Vintage sheer button down, H&M bra, Zara tulip skirt, belt from Bugis Street, chunky buckle platforms from City Plaza)

Photos by Rebecca, taken with iPhone 4s

New spot on the 8th floor of the Film & Media Studies block. Same grey slate floor (grey or gray?!), but with a new addition of dark windows and shutters. As you would imagine, very eerie at night. 

I love how my triangle bra - that I'm obsessed with - can be incorporated as a design through the sheerness of this sheer top courtesy of my mum. She always gives me the best things. A little too provocatively inappropriate for school, yes. But I don't really care that much. I think the autumn spell is hitting me because I am currently having the eye for dark and gloomy pieces. Or anything that seems warm and snuggly enough.

And I hate that my hair is so light here. I dyed it dark brown but it seems to be fading right back into blonde again. 

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