Thursday, July 18, 2013


 (Forever21 pajama top, grey tweed skirt from a random shop in Taipei, monochrome duffel bag from Taobao, lace up boots from another random shop in Taipei, H&M sunglasses)

Photos by Erman

Convinced Erman the other day to take a hike with me to this gorgeous view atop a  hill where an abandoned track is situated at, to act as a bridge for joggers and cyclists and that one very cute old couple taking an evening stroll. 

Perfect light but I'm kinda sad I wasn't wearing some sort of wispy white dress and a cowboy hat or something. That would have been perfect-er. But anyway, wore my pajama top because I missed it for quite some time. This pajama top is the epitome of lazy dressing (which I love) and I hate myself for not getting it in navy too... I may go back to my whole pajama phase again, considering now the weather is backing me up. Come on, heavy rain just makes me want to stay indoors all the time. Not to mention how the humidity makes my skin all sticky and blotchy. Sigh... weather problems. 

Oh by the way, for that one question on my, I've recently tried Carpenter & Cook that is really near Ngee Ann Polytechnic. It is not too bad if you like brownies because they have this really yummy raspberry and white chocolate one there. Then again, I'm biased to anything chocolatey and raspberry infused... Worth a shot though. The lemon drizzle muffin was good too! 
Seat sizing might vary but long legs are not very welcomed at where I sat at. But the retro/vintage decor was top notch. 

p.s. Yes, title is song by The XX ;)

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