Thursday, May 23, 2013


 (Uniqlo cotton lace tee, lace flare pants from City Plaza, Sandals from a random shoe sale, belt from Bugis, necklace from Bangkok)

Photos by Erman

Channeling my most hippie/indie side into this spontaneous shoot. Did my hair into a center part, dangled my longest necklace, went to the extreme of putting on only one peacock feather earring... All that was missing is a flower/feather crown, the damn sun that was a no-show and a random flower field to plunge into. The mini garden at the back of my building would suffice for now. Notice I even did the editing to suit a very whimsical summer vibe. I did end up having fun, jumping from stone platform to stone platform, rather than being just my boring rigid self. Felt as though I was calling out to my 9 year old in me. Don't tell me I'm the only one who liked to step only in the platforms provided when I was little. The gaps were regarded as lava right?

These shoes are so comfortable that it was a little surprising. It's one size too small for me and it came in the dreaded open toe cut that could have hindered me easily(sweaty feet issues). But I just couldn't resist the suede alongside leather detailing! Plus, it all worked out because the tightness kept my feet in place and the ankle strap was very secure. Yay to happy buys. Paired my lace tee and my lace pants together simply because I thought it was a good idea, love spontaneous dressing.

The day ended with Erman and I getting our dessert fixes at the cafe we both worked at, where we served ourselves iced water and the cakes and macarons. Then proceeded into a session of blatantly staring at the fishes in the eyes, while trying to scare them off with sudden hand gestures. 

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