Sunday, May 19, 2013


 (H&M twisted back dress, H&M bra, H&M bag, Taiwan boots, accessories from H&M and Lovisa)

Photos by Erman

 Saved my favourite picture for last. Wearing so much H&M that I'm beginning to doubt my interest for other brands exist. But whatever, this wispy dress will be a definite staple piece for summer, with it's low neck front and surprise element: the draped twisted knot at the back. Perfect for thin strapped bra..incorporation. Funny how I wore the same boots as the last time photos were shot on Mayflower place.

Been so long since some Erman photography appeared here and this is because we haven't had proper dates together for a loooong time. Hence, a tad bit of image vomit induced. But I know you readers enjoy his visuals right? This was the night of hanging around town, having dinner at 9, ice cream indulgence with waffles, midnight screening of Star Trek in a freezing cold theatre (the leather jacket wasn't much help), post science museum feelings, attempting at stealing BreadTalk's leftover muffins only to discover that we were being watched by security and nostalgic 4am walks. 

Every friday should be like this. Now here comes Monday, along with it's dreaded blues.

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