Tuesday, March 12, 2013


 (Forever 21 pajama top, Esprit DIY cut off shorts, Far East bucket bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim inspired sandals, H&M rings, Forever 21 necklace)

 Photos by Erman

As it appears on the title, I was out job hunting the other day with Erman and thought I might go ahead with socially confusing dressing, which is strangely addicting I might add. While the job search have not proven to be very successful at all, I figured that I should not be lazing around watching FRIENDS all day so I decided to use the holidays to work out. Good luck with that plan. By the way, I'm hooked onto the show like a cartoon hobo staring at a pie cool on a windowsill (How I Met Your Mother reference). Okay, I'm beginning to think that all this sitcom watching is getting a bit out of hand. Just when I wanted to start on Two Broke Girls.

P.S Love the 90's fashion from the show! But some of the references used in the show might be a little confusing; i.e, not from my era.

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