Saturday, January 19, 2013


(Zara inspired owl shirt, cream suede shorts from Bangkok, black lace up boots from Taipei, The Row inspired crocodile backpack)

Photos by Junior

The sunsets/sunrises have been really lovely these days. I had the privilege of catching this particular one with my camera. And was trying to rush to a nearby field to snap a couple of outfit shots before the sun dwindles away. 
When I first bought this shirt, I was a little hesitant but upon second consideration, I decided to make the purchase. I thought the print were parrots but they turned out to  be astonished owls, which made it all the more better. Plus, the round studs on the collar made it too hard to resist (must have mentioned this in another post before) Hence concluded my first printed silk shirt purchase. 

This week has been quite a torture, with me getting really little sleep. Thus my equivocal behaviour of waking up at 5pm today. I still have next week to conquer. So done with city lights and sitting in traffic. Need some sort of beach getaway as soon as possible. I completely blame Rumi for this. 

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