Saturday, January 12, 2013


 (Thrifted shift dress, Charles&Keith boots, GUESS watch, black oversized shades, Lovisa circle necklace)

 Today started off with brunch with the girls at Nine Thirty, which is a sub-cafe of Awfully Chocolate. I think everyone knows that Awfully Chocolate is awesome and they have REALLY good chocolate cupcakes there but also their sub-restaurants/cafes are also pretty good. Worth a try. I'm going to stop myself from carrying on talking about this or soon it will turn into a advert for Awfully Chocolate.

Anyway, my latest obsession are shift dresses. And I got this one for real dirt cheap because it's thrifted from the Scape Flea Market. But I still feel the need to get shift dresses in other colours... Gosh. 
I guess I really love feeling shapeless/figureless because it allows for a little wonder. And mainly because it's nice to not feel conscious of after food tummy.

I finally bleached my hair again if you noticed. I REALLY love the results because it's not one big patch of weird coloured hair anymore, it has more gradient/ombre. And as much as my hair feels like hay now, I think will keep it for a little while longer. Until I finally get sick of the knots and tangles or figure out a way to change hairstyle. Oh the perks of being a teenager.    

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