Monday, January 14, 2013


 (H&M sweater, Cotton On faux leather skirt, Theory Theyskens' inspired wedges, The Row inspired bucket bag)

Well, it's yet another black and white look. I'm pretty sure you are bored by my never changing colour palette by now. But I guess it's my love for basics that keep me going for the same ol' things. It's pretty hard for me to bite the dust and go for wild prints. Anyhow, basics are what I use really often and they come cheap. I probably used my $7 white oversized tee like a gazillion times. Basics with a twist are my exceptional weakness. It's my second time breaking in these shoes that don't even have to be broken into. Comfortable to the point of suspicion. 

I hope Chinese New Year comes quick, as it means a break from school, more binge snacking on everything in proximity (barbecued pork slices and pineapple tarts) and mostly an excuse to go shopping ;)

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