Sunday, January 27, 2013


(Gifted white button down, Cotton On cream knitted sweater, Uniqlo shorts, City Plaza chunky flatforms)

Photos by Erman

Yes, I may seem just a tad crazy by layering in this extremely humid weather but I couldn't resist. The layers alone are sheer but totally opaque when put together, which is one detail I love. People have mentioned that I kind of look like I'm not wearing any bottoms from the front, but I secretly enjoy leaving people second-guessing by my outfit choices. See, just a tad crazy. 

I love how the school hands me little surprises every now and then with somewhere deliriously scenic. I have no idea what this wooden platform structure is purposed for as there was only a piece of glass in front of it. But I'm glad it exists. 

I'll like to take a moment to acknowledge Erman's photography skills as well. I don't have to guide him as much through our photo sessions these days and he seems happy to experiment with different angles; sometimes even resorting to lying on the floor. Thanks for all the support for this blog love!

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