Saturday, December 1, 2012

That faux mini

(Zara inspired owl printed shirt, Faux white leather skirt, GUESS watch (not seen), Black criss cross creeper shoes)

Photos by Suhaila

Photography class took us outdoors to shoot for different aspects of people photography that friday. Along the way, we were just randomly shooting a bunch of things that weren't exactly what Mr Siew was looking for. Fun is the keyword here. With  huge doses of laughter. 

Decided to wear this shirt for it was cooling for a long sleeve shirt, making it pretty much amazing. The round studs on the collar blew me away. Wanted to make it look more interesting with an all white ensemble that required some faux leather to do the trick. Against looking all too conference-woman, creepers was chosen to get rid of that unintended effect. 

This was also the night of Danzation, in which BFF did a great great job. So proud of her. Congratulations Claudia if you're reading this!

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