Tuesday, November 20, 2012


(Vintage turtle neck | Black FEP skater skirt | Code Red boots | Shades; goldbarx.blogspot.com | Lovisa connected rings | GUESS watch)

Photos by Shalini

I'm glad the photos turned out well, but a little grainy on my camera's part. Presumably incorrect ISO settings. Braved much of the 1pm sun whilst in this thermal and believe me, behind the scenes was not too pretty.

This week is kinda filled with tests, assignments and consultations amongst many other things. A bit of a hectic week but I'm glad I got to take a breather this afternoon with Shalini. Although, ironically we went for this little hike to this quaint spot to take photos for our assignment, but nonetheless. Sweating in the sun never felt more joyous with good company and amazing views I haven't seen in Singapore just yet till now. 

Probably changed my bottom at least 3 times this morning, the skater silhouette still fits best. 


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