Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goodwood 202

(Topshop cropped turtleneck, cream pleated skirt from BKK, chunky flatforms from City Plaza, gifted sequined make up bag turned clutch, silver choker from Bugis Junction) 

Photos by Erman

If you may, please pardon the grainy photos again. And I do realise my most recent outfit post also consisted of a turtleneck. Haha, my bad. I'm hooked on those permanent high neck lines, especially those belonging in the monochrome colour palettes. And I have a realisation that I really need more skirts. Why are mini skirts so addictive?

Anyway, the story behind the photos goes like this: 

Mayflower's prom 2012, Erman's friends, room 202, putting make up on his friends, pastamania dinner, chocolate banana pizza (!), walking aimlessly in Orchard Road, crashing the prom, no one was dancing; we danced, had fun with the dancers, Erman may have lifted me during the last slow song, cigarette smoke filled room, raspberry vodka, wet bathroom floor, forgetting when I fell asleep, desperately searching for my eyelash curler (it was at home), actually losing my eyebrow pencil (but it was found), hot shower in morning and an amazing breakfast at KFC.

Kinda cool for a monday night huh?

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