Thursday, October 25, 2012

Right side of the bed

 Mesh shirt; Bugis street | Leather skirt; | Grey socks; Cotton body | Boots; Code Red

The view from the top floor of the FMS building is amazing. I love how the skyline of the buildings at the background fades in to the rest of the sky. Beautiful sunny weather to shoot that day, but not to mention really skin burning hot. 
I had dipped dyed my hair red a few months ago, but no one could tell at all. I'm glad that its subtly glowing in the sun in these pictures. And speaking of hair dyes, some of you may know from my instagram (Username naiyoumee) that I did something really drastic that day. But for now, I'm not too sure I'm feeling my new hairdo, thats why there's a lack of pictures for it.
I'll be posting it as soon as I find a way to style it better.

Pictures by the ever awesome Cheryl!

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