Sunday, October 21, 2012

Monsoon city

 Leather jacket; | Orange top; BKK | Swing skirt; Bugis street | Inspired 3.1 Phillip Lim sandals (with flatforms); | Connected ring; Lovisa

Yes, a post finally. The empty space here was subconsciously taunting me to update sooner so I thought I’d go to Vivocity to shoot something and to collect free Ben&Jerry’s after months of saving the voucher in my wallet. The weather these days are getting a little chilly so I busted out my leather jacket, which was perfect and kept me oh so warm through the freezing bus ride. I bought the Lovisa ring that was haunting me for quite awhile and was very surprised when the cashier told me it was $5 instead of $11. Turns out, it was on promotion! And yeah, my orange top is back. CK inspired maybe? I guess Winter is coming soon too. I see Christmas decorations going up!

This week of school consisted of: going to boring classes, getting really scared by the writcom lecturer, surviving a bad day of diarrhea, learning photoshop, experimenting with visual elements in photography class, feeling really happy when the lovisa ring was on promotion, spending $46 on Pizza Hut dinner tonight with Erman and getting a free scoop of chocolate fudge brownie. 

(Photos by Erman, snowflake one by me)

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