Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back to the educational institution

 Leather lace/lattice crop top: City Plaza | Denim jeans: Vintage Armani | Bag: BKK | Chunky platforms: City Plaza

So it's the start of a whole new semester again. Going to be having a few more difficult modules to conquer. Mostly Idea Jumpstart due to my lack of creative juices...
But anyway, depressing thoughts aside, I wore my new cropped top with some vintage denim in a very 80's way (that's what my mum commented by the way), and I felt good about it. My attempt of reducing the width of the chest area resulted in me being stabbed by the safety pin as I hurried to school. But I guess that's kind of a usual for me, getting hurt irrelevantly.
Let's all cross fingers for a great semester ahead! 

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