Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Never have I found myself surrounded with that many exquisite and eye-blinding jewelry. I got the luxury to have a hands-on encounter with the collection from Claine Online and quite frankly surprised myself when I found a few pieces of statement necklaces I liked for I am never the one who would go big on jewelry. But the Parisian Chic themed section impressed and I was pairing and layering all the pearls and silver tone pieces together. Made for quite a fair bit of glee as the on-site stylists tried to clasp on almost 7 chunky chains on my neck. Also thanks to Stylist/Make up artist Tinoq Russel Goh for his keen eye in selecting all my favourites and insisting I tried it on. (He was the one who styled the evening's jewelry concept as well, google his name!) Elaine, the founder of Claine Online, was really sweet as well, giving me a one-on-one tour and her inspirations behind Claine's specially curated collection. Most of the pieces are sourced from Korea by Elaine herself, and it's no wonder because she looks like a Korean celebrity I swear. Had such a great time at the dessert section with Erman, by 2am: dessert bar in Holland Village, while we devoured delightful sweet treats trying to figure out what each one was. The golden truffle balls were the best, tastes like Ferrero Rocher and had surprise pop rocks in them. Felt like Tinkerbell was inside my mouth sprinkling her pixie dust. 

Thank you Claine Online for having me! Visit their website here for their affordable collection of statement jewelry!

Update: Claine Online have given my readers the courtesy of a 15% discount off their jewelry! Quote "naomi15off" and start shopping at Claine Online now!

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