Sunday, March 23, 2014


 (Forever21 crochet halter top, Zara lace shorts, Nike sneakers)

Photos by Shalini

Cycling trip at East Coast Park with Shalini. Been so long since I've been there but it felt nice to be back near the beach again. Also, lots of things to rediscover like the pond with the curious turtles, the yellow lighthouse that I forgot to take a picture of, the ONLY pink tree in the whole park that people stopped to snap pictures of. Only thing is, bring mosquito repellent because I got like 9 bites on one arm. 

I have many new posts lined up. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My photoshop was down for awhile so I didn't get to resize the photos properly. But do follow me on tumblr ( for my daily musings and random updates on there!

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