Sunday, February 23, 2014


Part 3 finally here after much procrastinating. I'm taking a break from studying Advertising to finish up with the edits. 

Well, day 3 was pretty much just checking into our Danoya Villa and roaming about Seminyak Square. Private pool, totally awesome. But there was some stupid construction outside the villa and it resulted our view to a plastic blue sheet. I bought my bohemian tasseled dress (on Instagram - @Naiyoumee) from the Seminyak Square at a mere SGD$10. However, everything else was ridiculously expensive due to it being a tourist attraction. I did get some great exploring done though. Really nice local labels there. Olenka was my favourite; slight Shakuhachi feel with summer minimalism. 

Also, the Seminyak Square area was bursting with cool architecturel cafés. (See first and last picture) Wished I had more time to hang around to visit these places. However, I did realise that most of their coffees kinda suck. Weird taste from the one from J.COFFEE. The one I had during the breakfast buffet on the first 2 days of the trip sucked really bad too. Maybe it was for the best that I didn't have time to hang 'round the cafés there after all.

Do go to Seminyak and visit the Square if you're ever in Bali!

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