Saturday, July 27, 2013


 (Vintage turtleneck thermal, Zara leather skirt, H&M sunglasses, boots from random shops in Taipei)

Photos by Kia Nicole

These were taken 2 weeks back in a random field filled with weeds somewhere off Holland Village. The balloons were for a project I'll keep mum about for now but it will be revealed soon. 

Wearing a thermal in Singapore's summer isn't the greatest but I miss it too much. Plus the leather skirt and now you think I'm crazy. 

That day's procedure: lunch at Wendy's, butter baked potato, 7 shades of balloons plus 1 smiley faced one called Stanley, cab rides all over, screwing around in the costume shop picking out childhood favourites, experiencing Singapore's "Indian" heat from a whole new greatly exposed level and squeezing the balloons into cabs.

Thanks Nicole for the photos ;) 
P.s. She was the one who made me hold only the white one because of 'White obscurity' haha whatsoever.

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