Saturday, May 11, 2013


 (Editor's Market white embroidered shirt, Selcouth ripped denim, chunky platforms from City Plaza, Lovisa gold chain bracelet (gifted), Cotton On watch)

Photos by Rebecca and Fiona

Kinda intrigued by how the first photo looks like a mug shot if you zoom on it close enough. Omakase burger was rather empty that day; pretty sure the $15 burgers scared people away, but presented a good chance to take photos in the shop which had natural light spilling all over the place. Plus I love the white brick wall and wooden furnishings. Then we headed outside to take more full shots of my outfit and I was so glad to be able to find some random jungle area. Made my causal outfit stand out more I think.

I was trying hard to find perfect bottoms to match this intricate shirt and even though I had a wardrobe full of options, none made the cut until I found this pair of ripped jeans in Selcouth whilst conducting an interview with Mae (the owner). She gave me a pretty decent discount and I couldn't find it in me to say no to $30 denim. Plus I have been looking for a pair of ripped ones for the longest time. Immediately I knew I had to pair it with this shirt.

Been on a shopping binge recently. Bought two pairs of strappy sandals and now am still deciding to buy two more from Taobao... I'm terrible. 

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