Tuesday, February 5, 2013


(Friend Of Mine new arrivals, Alexander Wang Joan Pumps)

Chanced upon some lovely leather apparels made by Friend Of Mine on Instagram recently and it made me go search up their new collection, which is pretty brilliant. I adore the overalls that are in skirt-form and how the straps connect at the back. And the lace up leather track pants are gorgeous, pretty much the only type of track pants I'm attracted to. I just love lace ups, especially on the white shorts I've been lusting over for awhile now. The fact that it is leather just makes it all the more mind-blowing. 
I don't know why but Alexander Wang Joan Pumps have JUST started to get to me. It got to me so bad, I spent an hour scouring google for some replica alternatives. But to no avail... I love the cut outs, the low and very wearable heel and the way it seems to flatten your toes. Does anyone know where I can possibly buy this?

Anyway, I'm really sorry for the lack of updates. School has really been such a bitch, and I'm getting hardly any sleep. But an update will be posted on friday if not saturday, and I promise to make it a good one! :) All the best for everyone's exams if you're in poly!

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