Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bangkok Photo Diary

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The short 3 days 2 nights was enough to bring a load of hauls back to Singapore. The shopping was proven fruitful, with a few prices slightly regretted but never mind! It was a great bonding trip with my mum too, considering we've never really hung out just the two of us, so I was really thankful for this trip as it brought us mother and daughter closer than before.
Food was great, though a little small portion wise but nonetheless. Street crepes (which we had for 2 days; nutella with banana) was simply awesome! Must try Thai food for me would be Mango Sticky Rice! And get tomyam instant noodles from there too! Oh, and did I mention I love airplane food? I really do.
If I can find free time, I might reveal my hauls from the Platinum Fashion Mall where I got all my stuff from. So do stay tuned!

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